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    Got my first client today! is a fantastic resource and worth every penny!

    Doug K.
    Edmonton Canada

    Bottom line is that I've sold thousands of dollars worth of web design work in the last two weeks... Not bad for just getting started.

    (Note - Mike can outsource this work for a few hundred dollars!)
    Mike M.
    Austin TX

    My web income has gone from hit or miss to steady every month. Last week I signed a large deal and just this morning I deposited another large check...OfflineBiz rocks!

    G. Rhodes
    Fairbault, MN

    left on our forum... I read this forum before a different one that I pay $800 a month for...

    Forum ID: "barbara"

    This information just made me big money and on top of that an ongoing check every month.

    Matt Jutras
    Alpharetta,Georgia USA

    (regarding a new client)...I'm charging a nice fee for a simple site setup and monthly simply for hosting and 4 blog entries each month.

    Fairfield, OH

    Tomorrow I meet (with my first client) and pick up a check for half the amount of the project. IT WORKED FOR ME!!!

    M Dale Curtis

    From the OfflineBiz discussion forum"Our FIRST client alone has the potential to provide for all our family's budget needs!" (posted to OfflineBiz forum just four days after launch)

    Susan - Mother of 5
    Member ID "barefoot"
    North Carolina, USA

    My first customer gave me thousands worth of services in exchange for basic advice.

    Craig McPherson
    Melbourne Australia

    I talked to my hearing center for 1 hour and he said lets get started. Check in hand! Thanks Jim and Andrew for all the help.

    J. Fales

    ...I project that I'll be at thousands monthly by the end of June. I'm about halfway there already.

    Posted by Member ID
    Patrysha on our forum

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