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I just this morning got a $2,000 job and already received a $1,000 deposit for doing JUST what your report says.
Steven Smith
White Rock BC, Canada

I'm gettin' an adrenaline rush just thinking about this opportunity.
Glenn C.
Michigan, USA

left on our forum...this is the forum ( that I frequent most often because it's returned more to me than anything else I've ever participated in before.
Forum ID: "incliner"

I sent out five of the "simple 4 line letters" you taught us to use and so far have gotten two calls in five days! Thanks again for the idea guys,
J. Johnson

I read through the book, talked to some people and now I have a new $2000.00 client. In less than 1 week!
Ron C
Indianapolis, IN

I've already made $1500, with another $1500 payment coming in the next 45 days. That's $3000 on my first client and I'm absolutely stoked.
Mike S.
Paso Robles, CA

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home | Sample Articles | Is eBay Dying?

Is eBay Dying?
Jim Cockrum
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Stats are showing us that eBay's traffic is down and many are eagerly asking what it means. Some are even joyful that eBay is taking a hit.

How do I feel about it all? Does any of this really matter?

I don't really care one way or another. I believe in free-enterprise so basically my feelings are this...

May the best ideas (and websites) win!

eBay still beats and on the traffic tracking site though and I'm still doing great things on eBay as are many others I know.

Creativity is key!

When you use eBay as a TOOL instead of an "end game" or obsession it's still a great place to get started and thrive online. I've got plenty of proof of that!

But...there are alternatives you should be aware of.

eBay IS NOT the only game in town.

Bottom line:

Ignore the naysayers in any business. Look at what successful people are doing and take your lessons from them instead. Don't get emotionally invested in your business. Being a small operation means you can turn on a dime and go where the gold is. Right now I see gold on eBay and Amazon.

If you are ready to learn the best way to earn money with eBay, take a look at: eBay Basics

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