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About OfflineBiz

OfflineBiz.com has the sole purpose of teaching you how to become a highly paid Internet Marketing expert to the "real world" business in your local area and beyond. They know they need help and you are the one to give it to them!


With only the most basic of knowledge of Internet Marketing (NO design, programming, HTML, etc. skills needed) you can consult with nearly any business and earn a very nice recurring income paycheck in the process!

As an Internet Marketing consultant you don't need to be a geek - all you need in order to succeed are the right ideas.That's where OfflineBiz comes in.

start quoteShould I spend $6,000 on a new pretty website? Will that help my business?end quote
-- Local Joe
A business owner in your home town

Most business know that they need to be visible online, they just don't know how to get there. If you can show them they will happily pay for your services because you're making them money. This is a win-win situation.

We'll show you how to outsource all the "hard work" and make a great profit providing an in demand service.

What's the key to your success?

Ultimately it comes down to this question...

What works NOW in the world of online marketing?

start quoteNo Joe! Don't do it! I'll build you a far better lead capture system for $3,000 that actually makes sales!end quote
-- Your answer to Local Joe that nets you $2,200 after you outsource the work.

What proven concepts are being used by the most successful Internet Marketing consultants? Listen as Jim briefly goes through the ideas that work now. These are the same ideas you'll use to profit as you help businesses in your area.