J. Johnson

I read through the book, talked to some people and now I have a new $2000.00 client. In less than 1 week!

Ron C
Indianapolis, IN

I've already made $1500, with another $1500 payment coming in the next 45 days. That's $3000 on my first client and I'm absolutely stoked.
Mike S.
Paso Robles, CA

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Sample Articles for OfflineBiz.com

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The Power Of Building A MASSIVE Email List OFFLINE
Andrew Cavanagh
List building is the most vital function of any business online or offline. There is nothing more valuable in a business than the trust you've built in a list of highly targeted prospects or clients. But most online marketers are missing the fastest way on earth to build a targeted email list by going OFFLINE. This article will reveal why the offline world is a goldmine for list building and how you can start getting paid today to do it... keep reading

9 Different Ways To Get Paying Clients
Andrew Cavangh
Having worked with thousands of people and having done it myself I have a pretty good idea of what actually works to get paying clients and what doesn't work so well. This article reveals the top 9 methods I know of to get paying brick and mortar businesses as clients. keep reading