These simple yet very creative strategies will bring you a windfall of new clients!

Setting Up Joint Ventures As A Way To Get Business Clients And Make Them Fast Profits
Andrew Cavanagh
Setting up joint ventures for your clients can be highly lucrative both for them and for you. It can help your clients make fast profits and it can also help you to pick up new high value clients with your expertise as a highly skilled marketer already established. See how in this article... keep reading

How To Build Prospect Lists In High Profit Niches
This brand new report shows you step by step how to use InfoUSA to build prospect lists in highly profitable niches.

Be sure to check out chapter 7 for a free research option that can help anyone get familiar with high value prospects in a high profit niche FAST.

This report is for advanced marketers ready to take their business and their income to a whole new level by finding high value prospects in a highly profitable niche.
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Profitable Niches Part Two
In this article I reveal the niche strategy that leads to high six figure and even seven figure incomes.

This is simpler than you think (although it's not necessarily easy)...
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The Most Profitable Niches For Your Internet Marketing Services
Andrew Cavanagh
I'm often asked what the most profitable niches are to sell your marketing services.

In this gift article I reveal my favorite niche and the answer is something you've likely never even thought of (or even heard of)...
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Not Enough Clients In Your Town...?
Andrew Cavanagh
Have you ever worried about what you'll do if you "exhaust" the clients in your local area? Or what to do if you need to get clients from other parts of the country. In this article I reveal 3 proven ways to get clients on the other side of the country or the other side of the world. keep reading

The "Free Lunch" strategy
Brand new from OfflineBiz co-founder Andrew Cavanagh & Free for OfflineBiz members...the "Free Lunch" strategy for landing big clients fast! keep reading

Get Paying Clients NOW & JV Secrets Get Paying Clients NOW & JV Secrets
Brand new from OfflineBiz co-founder Andrew Cavanagh! Free for OfflineBiz members! keep reading

What Are Your Prospects Asking You...?
What questions are your prospects asking you? Hear how Jim Cockrum and Andrew Cavanagh would answer those questions... keep reading

John Jonas Interviews Jim Cockrum : "How to find clients"
John Jonas interviews co-founder Jim Cockrum on the topic of finding clients. This interview was part of a high end coaching package that John offered his students. It's great cont keep reading

Even if you don't know ANYTHING about Internet Marketing
Recently a member with virtually no Internet Marketing experience asked on our forums if he could do this business. The answer is "Yes, you can!" keep reading

Mobile Marketing Webinar. Tapping into the mega trend.
Recently Jim invited Dan Hollings to present his amazing take on the mobile marketing opportunity to the OfflineBiz community. This was easily one of the most exciting and well received webinars we've ever conducted. keep reading

From delivering Pizza to landing dozens of clients in days
Jim Cockrum
We get a lot of new success stories every week, but this one is one you don't want to miss. keep reading

John Jonas and Jim Cockrum Discuss the OfflineBiz Opportunity John Jonas and Jim Cockrum Discuss the OfflineBiz Opportunity
Recently John Jonas chatted with co-founder Jim Cockrum about the "OfflineBiz" opportunity and they covered some great content. If you are new to OFB you'll find some great ideas in this 90 minute interview with caller Q/A at the end. keep reading

The Music Industry Is Now Wide Open
Andrew Cavanagh
The music industry is now wide open with the majority of Grammy winners in 2009 independent artists and the majority of music sales made ONLINE. The thing these up and coming artists and established acts now need the most is help with their online marketing and that can be a gold mine for you... keep reading

What are the best businesses to target for your services?
About a year ago master marketer (and good friend of David Frey was asked what the top businesses are that OfflineBiz members should be targeting locally...this was his answer keep reading

A great squeeze page and report you can use to land clients A great squeeze page and report you can use to land clients
This resource has been available on for awhile, but we didn't want you to miss it! This fully customizable squeeze page and special report can be used to generate leads and customers! Put it to good use! keep reading

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