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...Just got my first job and got hired to do 2 websites
Thank you Jim and his offline team, Just got my first job and got hired to do 2 websites, I charged 10,000.00 to do both websites, and gave them 2,000.00 discount for both websites. so th keep reading

...I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great content on your site. If this is not a great testimonial for your material then I don't know what is.
Last Thursday I sat down with a local business owner and interviewed him using the questions that you provided on the site. I added few more questions, just because I knew some information about his keep reading

...first client who paid me $400/hr which led to my second who paid me over $10k for only two weeks of work!
Jim, with your encouragement and the support of I jumped into marketing and landed my first client who paid me $400/hr which led to my second who paid me over $10k for only two weeks of keep reading

EVERYTHING that I've purchased from you WORKS
Jim, I just want to say that EVERYTHING that I've purchased from you WORKS. Your course, the a href="http://www.silentsalesmachine keep reading

Three Clients Paying Monthly Retainer & On The Way To More
I am building my offline biz one client at a time. I have 3 now, each paying a monthly retainer to keep me a part of their marketing staff. One pays me $500 per month to manage his online video mark keep reading

Got Serious & Closed a $6,000 Deal
I have been a member of offline biz for over 5 years. I have been dabbling. This year I got serious and on my first sales call with an offline biz client I closed a $6000 deal to help him upload video keep reading

Scott made $750 on the 1st day! Scott made $750 on the 1st day!
Scott Decker made $750 on his first day as a member of by using one strategy taught on the website. keep reading

"Full Time - I quit my real job!"
I have quit my day job (approx 10 months ago) and for a little less than a year now I have been running my business full time out of my home office keep reading

Diana has been with OfflineBiz since we launched the is she doing? Diana has been with OfflineBiz since we launched the is she doing?
If anyone says someone in their 50s can't do this, they're wrong (one of my prospects called me specifically because I too have gray hair!) keep reading

Yes, even if you don't know ANYTHING about Internet Marketing
Recently a member with virtually no Internet Marketing experience asked on our forums if he could do this business. The answer is "Yes, you can", and you don't have to learn ANY new skills in order to pull it off either! keep reading

Businesses very much want what we have to offer
I have only been in Offline Marketing since a month or two ago. After reading a lot and watching video after video I just decided to get out there and do it while I was all pumped up about this. Who would not listen to me, heck I am there to help their business any ways, right? keep reading

I don't even have business cards and I'm doing great!
"I don't have business cards. Just spread the word that I now offer marketing services to small businesses...and things took off." keep reading

Unemployed to successful entrepreneur in 9 weeks
Here is a wonderful thank you note from member Hans Milberger. keep reading

I've gone full-time!
"Couldn't keep up with the calls coming earn six figures..." keep reading

Signed contracts for $29,850.00 worth of services in less than two months
I am a 55-year old woman and former yoga instructor - I have obtained signed contracts for $29,850.00 worth of services. keep reading

An account that is going to pay me dividends for months and years to come
I was recently 'let go' from my six-figure corporate job and immediately signed up for ...and some amazing things have happened already! keep reading

The catalyst to kick start my dream of entrepreneurship
Well, I have been so busy and I just opened my doors one month ago! My first client wrote me a check for $1594 and that was a 50% deposit! keep reading

Surprisingly the first company I spoke to
I just wanted to reach out and say thanks again for the advice regarding OfflineBiz. A couple days ago, I signed my first client for $ 1,500. It was surprisingly the first company I spoke to. keep reading

From delivering Pizza to landing dozens of clients in days
Jim Cockrum
We get a lot of new success stories every week, but this one is one you don't want to miss. keep reading

People and businesses continue contacting me asking for my help
In April, I accepted a challenge from God to use my many years of experience working virtually as a base of experience and start a website to help other disabled persons learn how to do the same. keep reading

I'm already off and running with several clients
The impact on my life and business will be life changing. keep reading

Able to make money while helping others
I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from both your MST & sites and by far, the best thing that happened to me in 2010 was implementation of the PEC I course keep reading

Added $37m to our bottom line
We used the 4 line letter to attract 2 new customers that added $37m to our bottom line. keep reading

One of the best values
One of the best values I got out of your emails is the outsourcing webinar you did. keep reading

A valuable resource
We really value the information we gather and share on and view this as a valuable resource in our toolbox. keep reading

Make my dreams reality
In December I started in on Offline Biz. I am so excited. I got my first leads handed to me by others so quickly my head was spinning. keep reading

Always informative and helpful
Any information that I get from Jim has always been informative and helpful. keep reading

Pushed me through
After reading some of your newsletters in 2010, and joining OfflineBiz, I landed 5 clients. I was able to build a website for all of them, and get them on page 1 Google. keep reading

Apply it to my new location
I moved across the country at the end of last month. I'll be able to use what I learned at and and apply it to my new location. keep reading

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