J. Johnson

I read through the book, talked to some people and now I have a new $2000.00 client. In less than 1 week!

Ron C
Indianapolis, IN

I've already made $1500, with another $1500 payment coming in the next 45 days. That's $3000 on my first client and I'm absolutely stoked.
Mike S.
Paso Robles, CA

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Hans Milberger

Hans Milberger

Hans (HansMilberger.com) has been marketing online for the past 11 years. Since leaving the corporate world in Dec. 2010, he has focused all his energy on helping local and national businesses with their on/off line marketing. He implements multiple strategies including: video, lead capture, mobile marketing, coupons, automated follow-up systems and social media.

He began his online marketing career by buying and selling vintage pinball machines on ebay and created a website and following in that niche http://www.hanshelpme.com/TheGamesPeople.pdf

Hans possess a BS degree in Construction Management and served as a Commercial Project Manager for more than 20 years including 2 years with Apple creating their incredible retail stores worldwide. Among other types of 'Offline' businesses, he specializes in helping businesses in the construction industry. He has been selected by the AGC (Associated General Contractors) to speak on Social Media marketing at their annual convention in Hawaii, March 2012.

His strengths are creativity and people skills. While some people shy away from making initial contact and the four letter word S-A-L-E, Hans relishes it and is more than happy to share his strategies with those who get that sick feeling in their stomachs as they reach for the phone to make a (another four letter word) C-A-L-L.

Hans has been blessed by getting help from mentors in the marketing online/mobile marketing industry and is honored by the opportunity of helping others excel in this exciting business opportunity.

Hans is an officer in his local BNI Networking Group and is an active member is Toastmasters.

When asked, Hans says his secrets to success are C.A.N.I. - "Constant And Never ending Improvement" and having fun doing what you are spending most of your time doing.