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Setting Up Joint Ventures As A Way To Get Business Clients And Make Them Fast Profits
Andrew Cavanagh
Setting up joint ventures for your clients can be highly lucrative both for them and for you. It can help your clients make fast profits and it can also help you to pick up new high value clients with your expertise as a highly skilled marketer already established. See how in this article... . . . keep reading

Utilizing current events in your marketing?
Are you taking advantage of what's hot in the news to market yourself? . . . keep reading

Has the "race to the bottom" destroyed website designing as a business model?
Great discussion on building customer websites, pricing & perception. . . . keep reading

Google To Reward Mobile Friendly Sites April 21st
Andrew Cavanagh
In just a few weeks on April 21st Google's new search engine algorithm will start rewarding sites that are mobile friendly with better rankings...and sites that aren't mobile friendly will suffer. This is a great opportunity to pick up new clients or to charge for add on services for existing clients getting their sites mobile friendly.... . . . keep reading

Displaying Matches 1 thru 5 of 86 Found  NEXTLAST

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