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Here's what members around the world are saying

More Success Stories

I just this morning got a $2,000 job and already received a $1,000 deposit for doing JUST what your report says.
Steven Smith
White Rock BC, Canada

I'm gettin' an adrenaline rush just thinking about this opportunity.
Glenn C.
Michigan, USA

left on our forum...this is the forum ( that I frequent most often because it's returned more to me than anything else I've ever participated in before.
Forum ID: "incliner"

I sent out five of the "simple 4 line letters" you taught us to use and so far have gotten two calls in five days! Thanks again for the idea guys,
J. Johnson

I read through the book, talked to some people and now I have a new $2000.00 client. In less than 1 week!
Ron C
Indianapolis, IN

I've already made $1500, with another $1500 payment coming in the next 45 days. That's $3000 on my first client and I'm absolutely stoked.
Mike S.
Paso Robles, CA

More Testimonials and Success Stories

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Three Clients Paying Monthly Retainer & On The Way To More
I am building my offline biz one client at a time. I have 3 now, each paying a monthly retainer to keep me a part of their marketing staff. One pays . . . keep reading

Got Serious & Closed a $6,000 Deal
I have been a member of offline biz for over 5 years. I have been dabbling. This year I got serious and on my first sales call with an offline biz cli . . . keep reading

Profitable Niches Part Three…
Andrew Cavanagh
In part 3 of profitable niches I reveal the secret to getting 12,000 dollar clients (it's simpler than you think).

In fact it's so simple you'll either kick yourself or you'll want to kick me when you read it.

I also reveal which services you might deliver to clients (or prospective clients) in the niche you choose.

And a strategy that allows you to make an income without delivering a service at all.

. . .
keep reading

Profitable Niches Part Two
In this article I reveal the niche strategy that leads to high six figure and even seven figure incomes.

This is simpler than you think (although it's not necessarily easy)... . . .
keep reading

The Most Profitable Niches For Your Internet Marketing Services
Andrew Cavanagh
I'm often asked what the most profitable niches are to sell your marketing services.

In this gift article I reveal my favorite niche and the answer is something you've likely never even thought of (or even heard of)... . . .
keep reading

Getting Started (Start Here)
Andrew Cavanagh
Links to 6 member pages of resources including Offline Gold reports and audio, streaming video on business marketing fundamentals, video, ebooks and audio on setting up profitable joint ventures, streaming videos on many vital areas of online marketing, videos and reports on copywriting and conversion and your series of streaming videos on how to use free Wordpress software to create websites. . . . keep reading

Multiple Income Stream answer to - What do you do for a living?
"So, what do you do for a living?" How do you answer that question? As an online "Multiple income stream" entrepreneur, here's how I answer that question (in general): . . . keep reading

Outsourcing For A More Profitable and Effective Business
Hire Full-time Filipino Virtual Assistants from $1.58/hour Amazing Webmasters, Programmers, and Content writers...In the Philippines Over 80,000 Fil . . . keep reading

Are Your Wordpress sites safe...?
Jim Orr
10 simple ways to secure your wordpress site from hackers in 10 minutes or less. . . . keep reading

Turn Lead Generating Reports Into Cash
Andrew Cavanagh
If you can write then creating lead generating reports for clients is one of my favorite ways to help them and to charge significant fees for a valuable service.

Follow an intelligent strategy with the right kind of client and you can charge 700 dollars to 2,000 dollars or more for writing them a lead generating report.

And you can even charge ongoing monthly fees... . . .
keep reading

Scott made $750 on the 1st day!
Scott made $750 on the 1st day! Scott Decker made $750 on his first day as a member of by using one strategy taught on the website. . . . keep reading

Are Your Overheads Killing You...?
Andrew Cavanagh
It's not sexy to talk about it but if I was to pick one reason that most people are struggling it would be this one. Many people are shocked when they read this. . . . keep reading

Not Enough Clients In Your Town...?
Andrew Cavanagh
Have you ever worried about what you'll do if you "exhaust" the clients in your local area? Or what to do if you need to get clients from other parts of the country. In this article I reveal 3 proven ways to get clients on the other side of the country or the other side of the world. . . . keep reading

Should I Work Free…?
Andrew Cavanagh
Over 5 years of teaching internet marketers like you to sell their services to brick and mortar businesses this is the most common question I get from people starting out... "Should I work free?" I answer this question in detail in this article. . . . keep reading

Residual Income Secrets
Andrew Cavanagh
Discover the really simple way to ensure you have an ongoing income from your paying clients.

Over the course of a year this can amount to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in income. . . .
keep reading

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 Discussion Forum
Discussion Forum
Here's what members around the world are saying

More Success Stories

Got my first client today! is a fantastic resource and worth every penny!
Doug K.
Edmonton Canada

Bottom line is that I've sold thousands of dollars worth of web design work in the last two weeks... Not bad for just getting started.
(Note - Mike can outsource this work for a few hundred dollars!) Mike M.
Austin TX

My web income has gone from hit or miss to steady every month. Last week I signed a large deal and just this morning I deposited another large check...OfflineBiz rocks!
G. Rhodes - Fairbault, MN

left on our forum... I read this forum before a different one that I pay $800 a month for...
Forum ID: "barbara"

This information just made me big money and on top of that an ongoing check every month.
Matt Jutras
Alpharetta,Georgia USA

(regarding a new client)...I'm charging a nice fee for a simple site setup and monthly simply for hosting and 4 blog entries each month.
Fairfield, OH

Tomorrow I meet (with my first client) and pick up a check for half the amount of the project. IT WORKED FOR ME!!!
M Dale Curtis
From the OfflineBiz discussion forum

"Our FIRST client alone has the potential to provide for all our family's budget needs!" (posted to OfflineBiz forum just four days after launch)
Susan - Mother of 5
Member ID "barefoot"
North Carolina, USA

My first customer gave me thousands worth of services in exchange for basic advice.
Craig McPherson
Melbourne Australia

"I talked to my hearing center for 1 hour and he said lets get started. Check in hand! Thanks Jim and Andrew for all the help."

J. Fales"

"...I project that I'll be at thousands monthly by the end of June. I'm about halfway there already."

Posted by Member ID Patrysha on our forum"

More Testimonials and Success Stories

After joining we would love to have your testimonial!

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